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To protect our new customer, loyal returned customers, and also a family business as ours, we've provided our returns and refunds policy below. Unfortunately, most eCommerce business are a target on return fraud and has caused retailers a staggering $351 billion in sales in 2017. Ultimately resulting in higher cost of product on to our customers

With this new return policy our customers will feel more comfortable in knowing they will only receive the best product when they placed an order with us.

All shipment will include a return shipping label for our customer's convenience. 

If for reasons you are unhappy with your order because shipment received was tampered with, compromised or items were delivered damaged, Obregon Cattle Ranch will refund your money back. Simply use the return label and let us know immediately. We will make the necessary arrangements to have your packaged picked up.

It is helpful for our customers to send a photos of the product/shipment in question in order to help us identify and understand the situation at hand in order to achieve an appropriate & immediate resolution.

We asked that you leave all items in original container and box

Upon receiving the returned inventory, you will receive a full refund of your purchase. Please allow 9 to 15 business days for refunds transaction. 

Note: All perishable should be removed from container and refrigerated or placed in freezer.

Obregon Cattle Ranch is not responsible for any spoiled meat if your shipment was left in original container after delivery

While most deliveries will arrive with your product remaining frozen, weather and unforeseen delivery delays may result in product becoming thawed while in transit. Product that arrives thawed but still cold can be re-frozen or used within 3-5days

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