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At Obregon Cattle Ranch LLC, it’s our mission to introduce a healthy herd of Belted Galloway to our community. 

We are a Registered Breeder and a member of the Belted Galloway Society, Inc.

Our cattle are annually examined by our family veterinarian to maintain optimum health.


Our cattle are naturally introduced to run with  the chosen bull for one to two seasons. We are mindful to maintain an in breed coefficient of less than 12% at all times. We let nature takes its course and have not had to intervene artificially.

Our young heifers are released to run with the rest of the herd only when they reached safe breeding age. Each heifer is different. This is to protect the new mama and to ensure a healthy birth of new calf. We practice safe isolation after each birth for a minimum of 120 days or more before they are introduced to run back with their open herd. Once again each cow is different, so duration may vary. All our calves are left to nurse for ideal health and growth. Youngins remain with mama and weaned only when they are consuming more grass and less dependent on milk. This time consuming commitment has produced a more healthier happier breed at the Obregon Cattle Ranch.

If you are looking to start a small herd of your own, please reach out to us and well work on putting together a package deal for you. 


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