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Holy Cow!

Ribeye steak and egg

Rib-eye steak for breakfast. Holy moly where do I begin?! The meat just melts in your mouth. I've heard meat lovers saying grass fed beef has a delicious nutty and buttery flavor. But when you add soft and tender dry-aged beef, amazing juicy flavoring, and a good marbling meat of a Belted Galloway to that equation?! OMG Holy Cow yes!! The epitome of meat flavor. That insane amount of flavor, soft and tender, melts in mouth meat taste is what I tasted too! That is how I would explain it. It was party in my mouth! I could not stop eating. I got sad when I got closer to my last few bites. Maybe it was a bad decision to only make a 6 ounces this morning? Perhaps a bigger piece next time will be a wiser decision so the experience could last longer, hmmm.

I have read research and reviews on steak and eggs diet. Vince Gironda was a bodybuilder in the 1950s. He swears losing so much fats and kept all his muscles mass on a diet of only steak and eggs. They called him the Iron Guru. And many have followed his path to confirm great results. Maybe that is something I should really look into. Rib-eye steak and eggs everyday,...taste good, feel good, looks good. I should at least try just to be on the safe side. Anyone else game?

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