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Does the beef taste too 'beefy'?

So a good quality of grass fed meat has a more fresh beef taste than a regular supermarket meat. That's probably because you are finally tasting what a real clean beef should taste like as opposed to beef that's been fattened by who knows what and injected with so many shots you are no longer eating beef? But I guess that is what we are accustomed to, unfortunately.

Now with more and more consumers understanding the importance of buying all natural grass fed, we could readily find a tiny section of grass-fed options in our local supermarket. This is when it gets tricky. You want to make sure you're buying grass fed, grass finished. Otherwise you're eating a beef that was on grass for an approximation of its life then turned to feed lot and fed on corn and soy or any other grains so it could be fatten up faster for sale. Which defeats the purpose of buying grass-fed beef isn't it?

And if you're lucky enough to find dry-aged beef, you'll find meat that is much buttery and richly flavored. A good natural seasoning such as freshly crushed peppers, spices, fresh ginger and garlic helps enhance the flavors. The steaks do not need much cooking. They are soft, tender and delicious. I've also heard some concerns about grass fed beef tasting too beefy? Or too strong? I've tasted meat that I would consider closer to being called too strong such as venison or a fresh wild turkey. Grass-fed beef is no turkey. It's soft, tender and delicious!

Beef SHOULD taste like beef!

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