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Can I do it all?

As a mother, wife and a businesswoman, cooking is not always on my daily list. Thinking about what to cook and the amount of time I need to invest into it is just as stressful as the act of cooking itself. Until I discovered cooking with meat that is almost foolproof! Hallelujah! Game changer!

I've made a few steaks that I literally just threw on the pan (seared a few minutes on each side) and it came out tender! Yes I was just as shocked! No one complaining that it taste like shoelace! Hah! I finally discovered the secrets to every great chef. All I need is a good cut of meat and I'll get more Mmmm and Oooh. I'm sold.

Grass fed round steak

We had steak and salad this evening. Obregon Cattle Ranch round steak,pan seared. Served with a bed of fresh mixed salad. Delicious!

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