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A day on the ranch

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Meet our team members. Our free range heritage breed chickens are not only adorable, they are also our highly qualified multi titled ambassador. If you ever decide to visit the Obregon Cattle Ranch, you will probably be greeted by these beautiful birds. They are always busy on the pasture promoting their best sustainable work. Chickens have nitrogen-rich manure and a love for scratching everything, two elements that together, make the perfect conditions for creating compost. Combination of their high energy and bugs eating talent helps control grasshoppers, slugs, snails, insects and any other unwanted guests. We don't require any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers for our natural land which in return welcomes the company of bees, birds and bats that balance and create diversity in the surrounding landscape. Contributing to a healthy bonus to our Belted Galloway environment.

Nothing goes much to waste with our family and team members. Our friends and customers are always amused at our chickens anxiously waiting out by the kitchen door for their daily scraps feast. An excellent option to reduce waste and contributing back to the environment. Meaning our healthy scraps will be digested by our chickens and goes on to fertilizing our land. Thus the cycle of sustainability continues. Ahh what a beautiful process.

Having a constant supply of fresh eggs is one of the best treats we could give our breakfast table.

I would need another page just to describe how well farm eggs perform in baking and cooking. Their delicious intense rich flavor and beautiful rich orange-gold yolk, .. oh goodness! don't get me started. If you don't have the liberty of raising your own "ambassador" then look for a local farmer that produces their own healthy eggs. Get to know them. I'm sure most ranchers and farmers are more than happy to talk to you about their love and passion of their farm. Support all farmers (organic or not) that works hard in contributing to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. A paid certificate does not guarantee you the best product. Their healthy animals and day to day well being is what we should all be looking for. So do your diligent and learn more about your farmers.

Support your local farmers by buying eggs that has no chemical, hormone or other possible nasty toxin that may have gone into the making of that egg.

Eat farm fresh eggs.

Taste good, feel good, look good.

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