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  • We want you to shop at Obregon Cattle Ranch just like you would at your Local Market

Steak, Roast,and special cuts

  • Are priced by actual weight on the package. (and not rounded off to the nearest lbs) 

  • Each cut/pack weighs slightly different from another. Simply select the weight available and add to the cart. We have carefully list each individual pack & its weight for your selection. Once selected, you will see a ✔ next to that weight,  you could now add another available weight. Just like you would in a local supermarket. 

Please note : you will not be able to add the quantify of 2,3,4..or so on, unless there is an exact same cut weighing the same. 

Ground beef, Hot Link, Stew meat and other cuts 

  • Will come in 1 lb, 2 lbs and occasional 5 lbs packages. 

  • These are available for purchase using the quantity option. Simply select preferred quantity and add to cart.

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